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Our on-line shop!

You can now find us in three on-line shops!

Handmade by Amazon

3 thoughts on “Our on-line shop!

  1. These are beautiful! I have one of your pieces I bought at TMTA several years ago. It’s a Texas, and lives with my daughter, who loves it. My husband dabbles in this art, mostly due to the fact that his late brother was himself an artist. He made countless pieces as gifts after having learned his craft while working on the stained glass windows in Lovers Lane United Methodists Church in Dallas, before he began his career in technology with Hitachi. Unfortunately we lost John to leukemia 20 years ago, when he was just 49, but he lives on in our hearts, and through his stained glass art, and his woodworking art.

  2. Good to see this site. I lve the wood pecker. How much is it?

    1. Hi Lewis! Thank you for for checking in. The Red Cardinal is $150. Please let me know if you need anything else.

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