The Rose Still Grows Beyond the Wall

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If you look carefully, you will see the opening in the wall that allows the roses to grow, beyond the wall.


The Rose Still Grows Beyond the Wall was handmade in Sugar Land, Texas. It was a commissioned piece based on the poem “The Rose Still Grows Beyond the Wall” by Frink, this piece was designed to capture hope and serenity. This is a custom piece and cannot be reproduced.

1 review for The Rose Still Grows Beyond the Wall

  1. Lyndol R. Taylor

    I asked Elise the read the poem, The Rose That Grows the Wall and design a window. Her work is extraordinary and this art work holds special personal meaning for me. Thank you, Elise! 😘

    • usgtx

      What a joy it was to work on this piece. I did not know the poem until you introduced me to it and it has become very dear. It makes me so happy that I was able to bring it to life for you, Lyndol!

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